Why I heart SMM

Dear Diary,

I’ve had the most amazing day. I chatted for ages to my good friends, I shared my problems that have been bothering me for days on end and then I came up with some fantastic solutions. Not only that, I also had lots of laughs and jokes with some fabulously like-minded people. Sigh! Life is good and I never even saw another human being or left the house.

This, party people, is why I heart social media marketing. No, not because I am an anti-social beast, although it has been said before. Not because I want to live in my jogging bottoms and have a make-up free face and never leave the house. No, the reason I love social media is for all the positive solutions that it provides for me and my business. And, best of all, it’s all for free. These are good times.

The clearest way to look at the benefits of social media marketing is from my own experience. Having put on several events over the past few years I know for a fact that those events were populated as a result of online networking and largely, communicating via Twitter and Facebook. These platforms provided me with people, they provided me with answers to my questions about suppliers and technicalities and they also helped me reach out and talk to people I never would have had the opportunity to otherwise.

It’s an old cliché but it’s a true one; it’s good to talk. As the Creative Co-op use as their slogan; An Idea Shared is a Problem Halved and this is why in today’s online communities, we really are finding answers to problems through channels that were never available to us all four or so years before. This really is something to celebrate.

Using online forums and community powered feedback sites also empower us as consumers and customers. We are no longer the little people but rather, through people power, we have the capacity to make a difference and stand up for what we believe in. Every website now has the facility to create its own network and open door policy which gives added value back to its clients.

Sharing the love is another fantastic part of social media marketing. I can’t deny I do love a sneaky skive of reading the fashion pages in a well-know left wing online paper’s life and style section and often come across fabulous images that I want to share with people I know (people I know from being part of many different online communities) who would definitely be interested too. A quick simple share, tweet, like or pin and I am communicating with my niche world at large. And it’s not just me who benefits as also get to see what others share too.

And finally in my love letter to SMM I give you accessibility. Never before have so many people had the power to access this bountiful wealth of technology. Anyone can start something simple and straightforward online and anyone can succeed at it because we now have the tools to do so and that, dear diary, is powerful stuff.

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